November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Make it a true Thanks Giving.  Adopt a Senior!

Seniors are the best kept secret.  Why wouldn't you want to adopt an older companion?  They are past the puppy chewing stage, which means your shoes and table legs are safe.  Seniors are already housetrained, or at least can get with the program pretty quick.  They are perfect for someone who lives a low-key lifestyle and wants to come home after a long day to find their best friend lovingly and patiently waiting for them.  They are not a 24-7 job needing constant monitoring the way puppies do.  Older companions become part of the family in no time.

What do you get in return for being a hero and saving a life?  You get an instant bond and unparalleled return on your emotional investment.  Older dogs seem to have a little extra love to give.  One look into their adoring eyes and you can see where they have been, the losses they have suffered and how grateful they are that you took a chance on them.

pepsi3Pictured here is one of Greyhound League of Texas's special seniors available for adoption. 

Pepsi, aka Pepsi Paws, is a 10-year old red fawn male born April 29, 2003.  His sire is Winky Dink and his dam is I'll Say She Can.  Pepsi has 6 races to his credit on, all at Valley Race Park in Texas in 2005.  Pepsi is going to put some pep into finding a forever home!


Pepsi's foster parents say this about him:

Pepsi is a very sweet and quite the retired gentleman.  He is in no hurry to get up in the morning, because he sleeps so well at night.  pepsi7He has the run of the house during the day when we are at work, never bothering anything.  He shares our house with our other three female greyhound girls and they all get along very well. 

He loves to be outside, always peering out the door or windows.  He often is on the hunt for pesky squirrels and gives them a run for their money up a tree or fence. 

He just recently learned to cookies from our hands [sic] and now he has learned about them, he is quickly becoming very interested in them.  He loves to follow you around from room to room, and if you are outside working he will lie outside until you have finished your task.

Pepsi has the funniest fold over his ears and the softest fur.  When we brought him home, our girls flirted with him for the longest time!

If you are looking for a sweet, laid back boy (who is quite handsome to boot) that is dedicated to you and loving, Pepsi is your boy.  ~Pepsi's Foster Parents.

Below are a few of the many sites where you can find more information.