Trooper: One Very Special Success Story

I work as a volunteer with the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT).  From time to time I get to work with some of the dogs that have challenges that will benefit from massages and cold laser.

I'd like to share one of those special times when I was blessed to be part of the combined effort to help a dog in dire need.  Massage has so many benefits and this is one awesome example where massage, combined with traditional vet care and lots of love helped increase and speed healing.

Trooper 1 Trooper 2Trooper 3

GALT recently took in a 4-year old greyhound born on 9/11.  The little guy dubbed "Trooper", in honor of the State Trooper who recused him, was running along the highway in terrible condition.  Trooper was so frail and sick when he was brought to the shelter, they almost lost him.  The shelter contacted GALT and they had him transferred to Preston Park Animal Hospital.  Along with being terribly malnourished, Trooper had Erlichia Canis and an infection all over his body.  This precious little soul was put on daily antibiotics and received medicated baths twice a week.

The pictures above are from my first 90 minute session with Trooper after he had been in Preston Park Animal Hospital for about a week.  The second week I saw him, I was met with a wagging tail and kisses.  The picture below is from the third week.  He bounced into the room and flopped down in my lap full of happy kisses and head butts.

Trooper 4Trooper 5Trooper 6

Let me introduce you to Trooper approximately 6 weeks after his rescue at his foster mom's house.

Trooper 7 Trooper 8

Skilled veterinary care, antibiotics, medicated baths, sessions with massage, cold laster, Reiki and the love of GALT's volunteers have made such a wonderful difference in this precious life.

Feature Story: Dr. Sue Furman, PhD

Recently, I was interviewed by Nicole Cobler of the Victoria Advocate, Victoria, TX.  Nicole was doing a feature story on my Canine Massage Instructor, Dr. Sue Furman, PhD.  I'm excited to have this opportunity to share the interview and video.  Dr. Furman is truly amazing and her career in teaching and working with animals is extensive.  I totally recommend her online classes in both Canine Massage and Acupressure as well as her more general Pet Owner classes.  Whether you would like to embark on a career helping and working with animals or are just interested in helping your own furry friend maintain better health, Dr. Furman is quick to share her knowledge and love of animals.

Victorian teaches gentle touch for canines (w/video)