March Pet of the Month - AJ

March DoM

AJ came into our lives becaus of a video on WFAA.  On Saturday mornings, they have a tail wagger segment, spotlighting dogs from the SPCA.  When we first got married, we had a dog, who was half labl and sharpei.  His name was Alex and he was the best dog ever!  We lost him to cancer when he was 10 years old.  That was in 1998.  Now fast forward to Feb 2010.  This puppy was featured on WFAA's tail wagger and they said he was half lab and half sharpei!  I looked at my husband and said I want him!  So I went out and adopted him!  He is a wonderful dog and is especially gentle and loving to our grandsom, CJ!  He has now been a part of our lives for four years and we could not ask for a better addition to our family!!!