Pet of the Month

Pet of the month honors a special pet each month that has brought joy and love into their lives of their humans.  Some come into our lives from a breeder or a friend, while others come into our lives as rescue animals.  No matter how they wiggled their way into our lives, there is no mistaking the teachings they impart or the paw prints they leave on our hearts.

March Pet of the Month - Hopalong Cassidy (Cassie)

Hopalong Cassidy

Born May 2001 & Adopted February 2010

I met my forever mom at the Orvis store in Dallas.  They called me Annie (more on that later).  I was on the second floor, lying on a pillow looking around.  A lady came over and patted my head but I moved it real quick because I was afraid of hands.  She asked about me from the GALT ladies and they told her that I had been "an owner surrender" whatever that means.  To me, it meant that I didn't have a real home anymore.

You see, I was not a dog that most people wanted.  I had a very hard, sometimes cruel life which left scars on me - both inside and out.  I was first spotted in West Texas as part of a greyhound pack that hunted coyotes for a rancher.  One day while we were out, I broke a bone in my front leg and he wouldn't take me back home with him.  That rancher left me in the field alone - leg broken - with no person, dog or food or water to be with me.  I was very scared of everything.  I didn't want to be alone but I was afraid when anyone tried to come up to me - so I stayed alone.

I stayed alone for a long time outside in that field.  There were some nice people who would leave food and water out for me but I would not come to get it until they were gone.  They kept trying to get close to me but I was just so scared.  After a long time, I did let them come closer and closer.  I lived outside all alone for almost a whole year - eating what I could find and what was left out for me and fending for myself.  My broken leg eventually healed but after a long time my feet got all cut up.  I cut my back toes on something and it was a very bad cut.  My food people called some other people and told them about the scared hungry limping greyhound living in the field next to them.  They called me "Annie" because they thought I looked Annie-rexic.

The next day, my food and water were inside the fence instead of outside the fence.  Well, I was hungry, so I went in and ate it.  While I was eating, they shut the gate.  Oh no - now what??  A few hours after, a car pulled up to the fence and guess what?  A lady and a man and A GREYHOUND got out of the car.  They came inside the fence, but I was still too scared.  I ran to the other end of the fence.  The man came over to me real slow, talking to me real low, and just stood there with me.  Then he put a lead over my head and I was caught!  Frozen in place, the lady and the greyhound named Emma came over and just stood with me.  It felt so good to be with another greyhound!!

My new people took me to the animal hospital to see the doctor.  He said that my feet were a mess!  One of my toes was cut real bad and my other toes were all swollen.  He said I needed to go to a big city called Dallas.  I needed to see the doctor immediately about my toes.  Oh, they did hurt so very much.

I came to Dallas and went to see the new doctor.  They tried and tried to make my cut toe better, but it was just too bad.  They had to amputate that toe so that I could get on with my new life.

Eventually, I was adopted by a family that had a pack of greyhounds but it did not last forever.  I lived there for two whole years but then they got a "divorce."  When that happened, I went back to the greyhound people so they could find me another forever home.  Oh how I wished my next family would want me forever.

And then I was at the Orvis store in Dallas on a Saturday morning to see if anyone would want to take me home forever.  The lady asked about my "personality" and my foster mom told her I was shy but I loved food.  So much that I knocked over the dog food container and tried to eat all 40 pounds of food at once.

Well, that lady just kept looking into my big brown eyes and I think I saw her fall in love.  We went down the elevator (no fun) and drove for a long time.  I was so nervous I farted the whole way.  I was breathing so hard that I fogged up the windows.  We got to a house and a big white greyhound girl ran up to me and was so happy to see me - did I know her??  Her name was Dottie and she loved me right away - even if I wasn't so sure about her.

This home is just for me and Dottie, and she is a lot of fun to play with.  My family loves me so much I just can't believe it.  My mom says I am her heart dog (what does that mean?).  She says I will never have to worry about anything again - that she will take care of me for the rest of my life.  I am the luckiest greyhound in the world.



February Pet of the Month - Tigger



My name is Tigger, I am a 10 year old boy and I am a golden retriever.  We moved to Dallas, Texas in August and my two sisters and I really like it here and I have gotten better...

Let me tell you about it; you see my back legs wouldn't work real well.  So, I had to wear a dumb "help em up" harness all of the time and I would have to bark to have a human family member or friend pick me up with the harness handles to walk to just to get water or to get up the steps (I could get down the steps by falling; and it hurt, so the humans wouldn't let me go upstairs anymore).

I started going to do something called therapy every Tuesday at Dr. Barton's, Heal Animal Hospital.  She is nice but sticks me with needles and hooks wires to them that make me tingle, and something called cold laser.  Then, I have fun with my new friend, Patrick who gives me a lot of good treats, and he lets me play on a big beach ball and then I get to swim and run in this thing they call a water treadmill.  Everyone at Heal is very nice!!!

Then every Wednesday, a nice lady named Jackie from Canine Pawsitive Touch comes to my house and gives me a massage and moves my legs around a lot, and she does something called Reiki... I don't know why, but when she does all that stuff it makes me feel better!!!

Every other Wednesday my new buddy Shane from Pretty Pets comes to my house in a van with a bathtub in it; Cool Huh!!!  Shane gives me a bath and dries, combs and cuts my hair and gives me something I've heard the humans around me call a mani/pedi.

I have to hurry and get off the computer soon, dinner time... However, with all that said, I think that all of this stuff is why I am feeling better and the COOOOOLEST thing about me moving to Dallas is that I don't have to wear that dumb harness all of the time anymore, only when I take a ride in the car.  AND, I can get UP now without any human help and I can even run up stairs again.  I DON'T fall down the stairs when I come down them anymore!!!

I should probably tell you my big sister's name is Gabby, she is a golden also.  She's ok but she barks a lot, I guess that's why she's called Gabby.  And, my younger sister is a Lab, her name is Ashley.  She's a pain sometimes, especially now that I can play with toys and tennis balls again.  She got used to playing with ALL of the toys by herself.  Well, now that I feel good again, we play tug of war a lot (I even let her win sometimes)!!!

OH; here is a picture that we had taken of us for Christmas.  I am the biggest and cutest one in the middle, Gabby is on my right and Ashley is on my left.  See how HAPPY we are in Dallas; Told You!!!


Bye, I got to run, DINNER!!!




January Pet of the Month - Ginger

ginger potm

Meet Ginger,

She is a red dapple long haired dachshund, right on the line between a mini and regular doxie.  She was born in the spring of 2009 and from the moment she came home, we know we were done for.  She has the biggest personality and an even bigger tongue!  You know she's happy to see you when she starts licking your feet/shoes/toes before you even walk in the door.  Ginger was the victim of a ruptured disc in her back resulting in a nearly severed spinal cord last August and has been on the long road to recovery ever since.  The surgeon only thought there was a 25% chance of her ever walking again, but we knew better than that.  Ginger's hard headed (oops, I meant persistent) attitude meant she wouldn't let something like a little temporary paralysis keep her down.  With lots of hard work and held from Miss Jackie, our vets, and Ginger's sisters (Bianca and Bella) she is now able to walk and run again, albeit a little less vigorously than before!  We are extremely grateful that we were able to help Ginger get through this and feel very fortunate to have her in our lives.

~ Victoria and Jason


December Pet of the Month - Meggie


Hello, I'm Meg.  My momma and daddy sometimes call me Meggie, but I like being called by either name.  I recently celebrated my 1-year anniversary with my family.  See, I was once a rescue dog.  I was found wandering the streets of Dallas just over a year ago.  No one really knows what happened to me prior to being rescued, buy my momma told me that the look on my face said that I was a very lonely and sad-looking girl.  I was less than 2 years old when I came to the shelter.  DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue sprung me from the shelter and brought me into their program.  They found me a foster home, and had me looked over by their vet.  Turns out that my foster home is the home I'm in now.  My mom and dad are what's known as "foster failures" - that's when someone takes a dog, like me, into their home, while getting him/her ready for his/her forever home, then decide they have fallen in love - like what happened to me, because they love me and I sure do love them.  I have a big family - I have two brothers and a big sister.  We love to play together and I'm a "tom-boy" at heart because I like to get into anything that my brother gets into.

Did you know that there are thousands of dogs in shelters and rescues all over the country?  Half of those dogs never find loving homes and are euthanized.  I know that's a bad thing, and I was one of the lucky ones.  DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue has many beautiful Cocker Spaniels, of all ages and even if a Cocker Spaniel isn't for you, if you are considering adoption, whatever kind of dog you adopt, they will love you forever.  If you're not ready to make a life-long commitment just yet, consider fostering or even donating.  Your donations help other dogs in need.

So, from our family to yours - Happy Holidays!!

November Pet of the Month - Neve

Neve 1

Hola, meet Neve.  A Galgo Espanol or Spanish Greyhound.

Neve had a very long journey to find her furever home.  Possibly a litter of pups born in a field or server drain in Spain.  She miraculously survived on the streets for a year.  Rescued by her loving foster Mum.  She now would begin to learn warmth and love.  Galgos Del Sol funded her while in Spain.  Then brought to the U.S. by the Sighthound Underground.

I had been wanting a greyhound for a very long time.  Recently started applying to different programs and looking at the many choices.  Then I found that pair of eyes that stared into my soul, Neve.  I knew I had to have her, she was the one!  So, I made my journey to Virginia to bring Neve to her furever home in West Virginia.

Neve has been in my life for 6 months now.  She is such an enrichment to me.  Full of spunk and playfulness.  She is an absolute lover and completely affectionate.  She is always by my side looking for fun or a cuddle.  Her very favorite activity is a 2 hour hike at Coopers Rock State Park.  She has become quite the clothes wearing fashonista and resident food connoisseur.  Her role is "Princess", if you could not tell.  Which I willingly allow and play along with.  She blends well with four other rescue dogs, two cats and two human sisters.

Bringing Neve into my life has opened my eyes to the Galgo world.  The Galgos are used for hunting in Spain.  Once the season is finished, they are disposed of in unimaginable inhumane ways.  We support and educate for the Galgo cause as often as possible.  We now have friends all over the US and foreign countries.  Very importantly I have a most special bond, filled with a love I have never had before.  All because of Neve.

Many Thank You's to Vinny and his mom Jackie for the chance to share!